About Luba

I was born and raised in the remote Russian wilderness in a small city where a Tsar once exiled Dostoevsky. Winning a beauty contest at age 17 allowed me to escape this isolated and frigid Siberian province — first living in Europe, later in the Middle East and finally moving to the United States, where I married, became a mother and am now a naturalized American citizen. Since graduating high school, I made a living simultaneously as a painter and fashion designer. Many of my sexiest gowns were never seen in public, but carefully hidden beneath the burkas worn by clients in the United Arab Emirates. My lifelong dream of obtaining a formal art education was fulfilled in 2010 when I graduated magna cum laude majoring in painting with a minor in fashion design from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Today, I spend most of my professional time working in my studio located in the art district in downtown Savannah, Georgia, where I primarily paint portraits and occasionally design and sew fashionable garments for fabulous patrons. My paintings have been the featured décor in restaurants from Germany to Minneapolis, and more recently have been seen hanging in art galleries in Savannah, Atlanta and — hopefully, soon! — in a wonderful art gallery near you.